The Blisters: the birth of a project

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The Blisters: the birth of a project.

It was 15 years ago today…

The good thing about chance encounters is that they aren´t subject to any expectation, any limitation, after them anything is possible.

That a friendship should result from a chance meeting at a dinner, and from this friendship an idea, and that this idea would become a project, and that this project would grow and grow, without any idea of where its ceiling might be.
That´s how The Blisters were born, in a sea of coincidences, taking on an uncertain and yet daring path at the same time, full of difficulties and innumerable, happy moments. From the shared passion for the music that The Beatles gave to the world to our unstoppable desire to share it, there was only a single step.

Way back, there was our debut in the café `Lenze´ and the many concerts that took us in those first years to Fnac in Valencia, The Black Note or the Teatro Romano de Sagunto in front of 2,000 people. And behind us, too, the unforgettable stay in Liverpool in Beatle Week in 2009. Invited as the tribute group representing Spain, we had the huge honour to play the music of our idols where they themselves had done so in the early 60s. It was at that moment that we understood that there was no going back, that the idea was now a reality and that all the effort put in had its reward.

And so the concerts went on throughout Spain, from Álava to Almería, through the Valencian Community, Barcelona, Madrid, Santander, Ibiza, San Sebastian, Córdoba, Soria, Albacete, Teruel … etcetera, etcetera. We took part, as well, in the Feria de Julio de Valencia for five consecutive years. There were more distant trips to play in Oporto, in Hossegor and in Vieux Voucau in the south of France ….. We played support for Los Secretos in Córdoba and for Loquillo in Cazorla in front of enormous auditoriums, giving it everything like on the very first day – we simply don´t know how to do it any other way.

There are many years on the road filling venues of all types, big, small, comfortable, not so comfortable …… coming across people in all of them who were as passionate as us that music is a special way of feeling, a way of communicating. The applause, the happy faces of people in the audiences became a need for us, another part in this process.

So, here we are, here we continue, from a chance meeting to an established, recognised and sought-after reality! Prepared to carry on till we drop! And with a new web page which we hope will help all who visit it to learn about this wonderful project in all its facets. Our upcoming shows, our videos, photos and most important news will be available for all those who wish to see them.

We owe it to them, our idols, and to our fans who give back to us in smiles all the effort we put in so as to offer a fitting remembrance.

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”


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